Made in Scotland

A list of companies and products mostly coded in Scotland.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

This is a list of companies that could be described as digital manufacturers. Their products are mostly coded in Scotland, and they display “Made in Scotland” as prominently as their copyright message.

Isn’t this just like Made in NYC?

Well spotted. The project is directly inspired by Made in NYC. Don’t worry, they know about us.

Sweet. How can I add my company or project?

Simply open a pull request on the source repo.

What does ‘mostly coded in Scotland’ mean?

Over 50% of the code for product(s) was written in Scotland.

How do you verify that fact?

For now, we use the honour system (unlike Made in NYC, which uses the honor system).

My company is based in Scotland, but our technology is mostly made/coded elsewhere. Can we be listed?

No. This list is designed to show that great digital products are being made here in Scotland.

Why the strict ‘mostly coded in Scotland’ rule?

To paraphrase Made in NYC: Because tech is coded, so made means made. Made doesn’t mean funded or managed. Like a shirt that’s designed/licensed/funded in Scotland, and made in China: it’s Made in China, not Made in Scotland. Made means made.

Is there a logo we can display?

There’s no official logo, but see below for what you should display on your product.

What’s the point of this?

Again, paraphrasing Made in NYC: If Scotland is to thrive in the 21st century, Scotland needs to make more digital things. We already have some great companies here, so let’s proudly show ourselves off in the hope that everyone everywhere (including software engineers who don’t live here already) knows what digital things are being made in Scotland.

What should I display on my site or product?

Simply put the words “Made in Scotland” next to your standard copyright message. Feel free to use some adverbs or mix it up, such as “Lovingly Made in Scotland” or “Hand-Crafted in Scotland”.

Where should I send suggestions?

Just raise a PR or issue on GitHub

Made in Scotland by Ludometrics

Company Category
Administrate Training management platform
Birthdayfy Create Spotify playlists with all the numbers ones from your birthday
Blazing Griffin Games and film production
Codeplay Software Acceleration technologies for AI
Denki Games and digital toys
emobix Mobile apps
FanDuel Fantasy sports
Hyper Luminal Games Games
Ludometrics Games
Marketing By Chimps App development
Muvizu 3D animation software
NoTosh Limited Consultancy
One Thumb Mobile Games
ScotlandIS Scotland’s trade body for the digital technologies industry
Scottish Games Network Representing Scotland’s videogames and interactive industry
Shareflow Collaboration tool
Skyscanner Travel search engine
Stardog Games Games
Stormcloud Games Games
SwarmOnline App development
Waracle App development
xDesign App development